Care Services bundle for men.

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Care Services bundle.

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Basic Platinum Bundle
One card for a year Two cards for a year Three cards for a year
250 450 600

This bundle include all Care Services digital and discounted service prices in

  • Medical complexes
  • Platform for telemedicine consultations
  • Home health care provided by licensed companies
  • Dental centers including cosmetic dental centers
  • Hospitals
  • Beauty centers
  • Pharmacies, Optical and Hearing Aids
  • Sports clubs
  • Nutrition centers
  • Laboratory and radiology
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الحزمة البلاتينية الأساسية
بطاقة واحدة لمدة سنة بطاقتين لمدة سنة 3 بطاقات لمدة سنة
250 450 600

تتضمن هذه الحزمة جميع خدمات الرعاية الرقمية وأسعار الخدمات المخفضة

  • المجمعات الطبية
  • منصة للاستشارات الطبية عن بعد
  • الرعاية الصحية المنزلية المقدمة من الشركات المرخصة
  • مراكز طب الأسنان بما في ذلك مراكز طب الأسنان التجميلية
  • المستشفيات
  • مراكز التجميل
  • الصيدليات، المساعدات البصرية والسمعية
  • الأندية الرياضية
  • مراكز التغذية
  • المختبر والأشعة
إشترك الآن
  • For those who do not have insurance.
  • For those who have insurance and it does not cover all medical specialties such as dermatology and laser.
  • For residents and visitors who cannot obtain medical insurance.
  • To perform tests, x-rays, and all medical services.
  • For those who want to treat their teeth or even undergo orthodontics,plastic surgery or surgery.
  • To perform natural and caesarean deliveries.
  • For those who wish to undergo cosmetic surgeries that are not covered by traditional insurance.
  • For those who want to get prescription glasses or even sunglasses.
  • The card is valid for one year and can be renewed.
  • More than 500 medical or treatment centers are our partners nationwide.
  • You can register from anywhere and anytime through the website.
  • You have the option of receiving the card printed or electronically on your phone.
  • The care card can be used throughout the year without insurance limit.
  • The annual subscription fee is 250 dirhams per person.

Our advantages

Care card features

  • The card is suitable for all ages, including children, infants, and the elderly, men and women.
  • A care card that gives you comprehensive discounts on all medical specialties, including dermatology, orthodontics, glasses, vision correction, cupping, etc
  • The card is suitable for all nationalities.
  • Our discounts are special and the terms and conditions agreed upon with the medical authorities providing the service apply.
  • Discount on all medical specialties, including cosmetic, dermatology, and examinations
  • Discount on braces, fillings, implants, and other dental services.
  • Discount on tests and x-rays.
  • Discount on LASIK, laser, medical and sunglasses, and lense.
  • Discount on surgery, plastic surgery, natural birth and caesarean section.
  • There is no credit limit for treatment.
  • The discount is immediate, without any waiting period for any approval.